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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Phuc Anh , we strongly believe that “owning an impressive, cool, comfortable and beautiful outdoor space will bring great value to life and business. your business.”

With endless passion for umbrellas ; with the same goal of becoming a leading supplier in the industry of exterior decoration accessories; advertising materials, outdoor events , for many years , Phuc Anh Company has paid special attention to product research and development activities, and constantly invested in manufacturing plants with modern technologies. Today, we confidently bring you umbrellas, advertising accessories with the best quality in mechanical and aesthetic finishes.

In order to improve service quality, ensure customer satisfaction and love during the period of using Phuc Anh branded products , our company would like to announce the customer care program and campaign. promote the development of a system of authorized dealers and new customer service centers nationwide.

In celebration of Phuc Anh receiving the Top 100 Famous Brand Award and the inauguration of a new large-scale factory in Ho Chi Minh City, we bring you the Autumn Good Price Promotion , and the opportunity to become a member Become a Senior Authorized Dealer with many special offers:

  • Umbrella eccentric
  • Even if you cover your heart
  • Outdoor event tarpaulin
  • Pool cover
  • Resorts . canopy
  • Garage roof
  • Covering the school yard
  • Villa garden cover
  • Roof tennis court
  • Covered sports field, multi-purpose field
  • Window sunshades,
  • Independent area canopy
  • Windscreen – fence

Hotline to buy genuine products with preferential price: 0943 233 233  ( Mr. Phuc) 

  1. Business opportunity: Become the Official Authorized Dealer of Phuc Anh brand

 With a variety of business tools and services to help you increase sales:

  • Benefits of discounts and sales bonuses. Ensure long-term beneficial partnership.
  • Provides market intelligence and helps you establish a successful, sustainable business model.
  • In-depth technical and product knowledge support.
  • Comprehensive support on investment in your marketing activities.
  • Fair and reasonable support policy across the entire distribution channel network.
Liên hệ đặt hàng ngay:
0942 233 233 (Mr. Nguyên) - 0943 223 223 (Ms.Thanh)